What is the weather and season in taiwan like in july?

Question by ndria_oreo: What is the weather and season in taiwan like in july?
i am travelling to taiwan for the 1st time so i want to know what is the season and weather in there like around july. pls provide me some information.

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Answer by D.R
Temp – can be anything from 26 – 32 during the days and 24 – 30 during the nights.

Humidity – high, as always!

Rain – You will have missed the rainy season, but in Taiwan the weather is pretty random. You don’t need to pack water-proofs as you can buy an inexpensive poncho in any 7-11/ family store/ OK store… (don’t worry, you’ll find these stores on every street corner – open 24 hours!).

Nat disasters – during the summer Taiwan is prone to the odd Taiphoon, but they’re ‘not usually’ all that big of a deal. Taiwan does suffer from earthquakes and they can occur all year around.

Mosquitos will be a problem so make sure you keep your accommodation windows shut, avoid wearing black (mosquitos are attracted to balck). Be prepared to see cockroaches on the streets at night.

Have a wonderful time – Taiwan is a wonderful place – check out my 360 blog to see some photos of places to visit in Taiwan!

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  1. The weather is sort of like Florida if you’ve ever been there. It is very very very humid which makes the 90 degrees feel even hotter. It also has rains that come and go.

  2. HOT! It is usually very hot in July. Taiwan is also very humid, so it can seem even hotter. Of course this all depends on where you are coming from. It can sometimes get a little cool at night, so bringing a jacket is a good idea. And of course bring lots of sunscreen. You can e-mail me if you are interested in shopping. Maybe I can give you some ideas of what there is to buy.

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