How much does a laptop cost in Taiwan?

Question by real_answers: How much does a laptop cost in Taiwan?
I’d like to buy a basic laptop, nothing too fancy, just your average laptop. How much do they run in Taiwan? Thanks!

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Answer by Bichon Ben
The cheapest :Asus Eee PC about NT.10000~20000

from NT 20000~40000,you can buy better laptop ASUS ACER HP…

NT 40000~70000,you can buy top quality laptop Sony Vaio,Mac….

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  1. The best thing to do is to go to Nova. They are in most major cities in Taiwan. They will have many laptops ranging from basic models at 20,000 and up. (Below that are computers that they want to get rid of because they’re crap.)
    Prices are ALWAYS negotiable there. I’ve had people tell me that you can’t negotiate prices there, but I’ve always walked out of there with a lower price.
    If you want to test software before you buy it, they are usually willing to load it onto your computer. (For testing only, of course.)
    Beware the Asus. I know five people who bought them and had nothing but problems.

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