transportation from taipei other places?

Question by hy: transportation from taipei other places?
Hello, I am visiting TW for 6 days.
I will spend the first 3 days in Taipei and then go to Sun Moon Lake (and Ali Mounntain if I still have time).
Here’ s my question: how do I get there? I guess I will take a train. Which one should I take? How much (estimate) will it cost me? Is it a few hours’ trip? Do I have to go to TaiChung first, and then transfer to Sun Moon Lake? I can’t find anything interesting in TaiChung. Is it feasible to spend 1.5 day visiting Sun Moon Lake and another 1.5 day visiting Ali Mountain?
Yes, I know what to do in Taipei. CKS Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Shilin Night Market, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,Rao He Street Night Market,
Taipei 101.
BTW, is it expensive to have a lunch or dinner in Taipei 101?
Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Ajeet M

Lunch at 101-It depends whether you want to go to one of the restaurants or the excellent food court in the basement.
It is not over priced as there is a lot of competiton nearby in the Xinyi District.

To SML from Taipei: Take the Bus, It not bad and the bus is really comfortable:,
Greenbus has hourly departures. Taipei-SML round-trip costs TWD830.

If you dont have a place to stay at SML: Laurel Villa is highly recommended by forumers:

From SML, you have to get to Puli, then Puli to Taichung, then Taichung to Chiayi, Then Train or bus it up to Alishan.

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  1. Direct :
    Take ???? (Green Transit) to Sun Moon lake from Taipei.
    Bus stop:?????????274?
    (MRT, ZhongXiao- Fuxing station , beside N0.2 exit)
    Fare: NT$ 460 (One way) , NT$830 (Round trip)
    I guess it takes about 4.5 hours at least.

    Indirect, It takes at least 5 hours up.
    If you don’t want to direct to Sun moon lake from Taipei,the trip will be:
    Taipei(??) –> Taichung (??) –> Puli (??) –> Sun Moon Lake(???).
    Take buses or trains to Taichung rail station (downtown), walk to ???? (Gung Cheng Cher Chang) just several minutes,ask someone show you the direction.
    Then, you can choose these buses line to Puli:
    1) ???? (TC bus line):
    Fare: NTS135

    2)???? (Chuan Han bus) :
    Fare: NT$150

    3)???? (NanTou bus):
    Fare: NT$150.
    After arrived to Puli, take another Nantou bus to Sun moon lake.
    Using is easier than .

    Yes,another day visiting to Alisan (mountain).
    Go to Chiayi city (??) first,then go to Alisan

    Railway to the mountain:

    There is a food court on the basment @ Taipei 101,I think food cost there are reasonable.

    In Taipei, you can also go to Yaming Shan,take hot spring & spa @Beitou, Bitan (A lake and a drawbridge…), Danshui,Wu-Lai…

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