Where to study mandarin in taiwan?

well bad luck for me ’cause again…im late for the registration in mtc of national taiwan normal university for this fall quarter so….just want to know where else can i apply to study (a good location just in taipei and the place i can meet lot of friends?? THIS SEPTEMBER…..thanks…..
Taiwan is the best place in the world to learn Mandarin Chinese!

Study Mandarin in great Taipei:

A)National Taiwan Normal Universty,
but you said you were late for registration.
It’s in town.

B)National Chengchi University
It’s not in downtown Taipei but not far to town, it takes about 30 minutes to town by bus or can take bus to nearest MRT STN. ( Taipei metro ) ride it to town.

C)National Taiwan University
It’s in town.

D)TamKang University, downtown campus classes
It’s in town.

E)Chinese Culture University
It’s in town.

F)Ming Chuan University
MRT station is near it and not far to town by bus or MRT.

G)Fu Jen Catholic University
Not in downtown Taipei, it’s in suburb Taipei (Taipei county).
It’s takes about 50 minutes to town by bus.

H) Taipei Language Institute:
It’s in town.

See their schedule or ask them detail.
The school number B&G are not in town. Others are in town and are near. Number “H” isn’t a university.

I would just like to know how can I make my children study in Taiwan.?

Question by Arbee: I would just like to know how can I make my children study in Taiwan.?
We are Filipinos,who has a 14 year old,11 Year old, 9 year old, and a 4 year old kids. We want to move particularly to Kaohsiung and want to have their education there. Want to know the requirements and process, and legalities of this.

Best answer:

Answer by matt_of_asia
You and your wife would need to aquire job offers here. Then you can acquire working visas. Then you can bring your kids. Most employers don’t hire married workers and require you to stay in shared accomodation with other workers.

This may be different if either you and your wife have degrees in Engineering, Nursing, or Medicine. Arts/Admin/Law degrees wont help you much out here, unless you want to teach english- which unless you have a passport from the USA, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other native first language speaking country will be harder to get offers.

If you already have a job with a company out here it is much easier.

Check this site for more info:

List of embassy addresses:

Visa excempt country list:

Visa fee list:

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Which university in Israel is the best to study abroad at? Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan, or Hebrew U?

Question by brooklynal: Which university in Israel is the best to study abroad at? Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan, or Hebrew U?
I dont want a school thats just a party school, I want one where I will really get an education.

Best answer:

Answer by dandyl
all 3 are excellent,you will come out of any of them with a world wide top degree, depending on your major and what you are studying and where you will be accepted.
trust me you will be loaded with studying very little time to party, if you take your studying seriously.
bar ilan i would say is more of a religious university so i suppose the partying is less.
also it depends on you and the people you mix with and friends you make,make sure that they dont have a negative influence on you.

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