Going to university in Taiwan. I have a few questions.?

Question by angelmae3995: Going to university in Taiwan. I have a few questions.?
Hello ^.^
This fall I am going to Kaohsiung to attend a university. (I will not say the name of the school, I feel that is not safe so do not ask) I know it is a good school though.
what I would like to know is:
~What kind of plug adapter will I need for my laptop.
~How safe is Kaohsiung at night.
~What areas should I avoid.
~How is the public transportation Network
~What items should I bring
~How hard are university classes in Taiwan
~How much can I earn tutoring English/French/Spanish
~How friendly or racist are the people in Kaohsiung
~What should I visit, Besides Love River and Dream Mall when I am in Kaohsiung?

Yeah it’s quite a few, but I am going to be in Kaohsiung for anywhere from 2-4 years so…..
Thank you guys so far! I would really like some more opinions too so please keep posting.
Thanks, classy! I will get a surge protector!

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Answer by matt_of_asia
Ok, check out http://tealit.com
to get an idea of what living in taiwan is like and positions/jobs available and the rates.

Then check out http://taiwansouth.com
To get an idea of what living in Southern Taiwan is like and the places to see/go/do in the south.

Check out http://forumosa.com
to speak with other forum members and get questions answered.

If you are from N. America no adapter will be needed most likely for your notebook computer. If your laptops plug has 3 prongs you may need a small, cheap adapter to get it to plug into the common 2 prong plug ins here. The voltage is the same.

Kaosiung is safe at night. It has an MRT (subway) system now, so I would imagine transportation there is an improvement on Taichung’s.

From what I hear university is easy in Taiwan.

You can earn 700NT and up per hour tutoring.

People are positively racist towards whites. Somewhat negatively racist towards other Asians but not to their face. Neutral towards blacks and friendly to their face. Everyone is generally friendly.

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Questions on hostels in taiwan?

Question by veron: Questions on hostels in taiwan?
hi, cld someone kindly give some information on these two hostels, Taipei Key Mall Traveler Hostel and Formosa Backpackers Hostel (Hualien)? eg, if there’s any fixed checkout times? or if you’ve stayed there b4, some opinions abt the facilities? thx alot in advance 🙂

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Answer by Ajeet M
Contact them directly:
Taipei Key Mall Traveller Hostel (TKMTH)
Address:15F-2, No.50 , Zhongxiao W Rd Sec 1,
(Right opp the Taipei Main Station)
(Taipei Main Station MRT Exit 4)
Booking by Phone or Fax.
Tel: 886-2-2311-7272/2381-2550 Fax:886-2-2311-7272
Contact : Sophie
Its the only Hostel that serves breakfast .
Clean toilets and Dorm rooms
Building security
Many High Speed elevators
Coffee/Tea facility in the Main Office.
NTD490/- per night per person.

Same building as TKMTH

Above two can put you in touch with all the other related Hostels in Taiwan once you are here
Get your membership:

Hostelling International Singapore
1 Pasir Ris Close
Singapore 519599

Tel.: (+65) 65891608 / (+65) 65891699 (10am – 5pm, Mon – Fri)
Fax.: (+65) 65842502 / (+65) 65829535
E-mail: enquiries@HIsingapore.org.sg

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