Is there any good white pages websites or anything similiar in chinese for finding people in Taipei, Taiwan?

Question by Shawn: Is there any good white pages websites or anything similiar in chinese for finding people in Taipei, Taiwan?
Looking for any webpages in Taiwan that are white pages or similiar to find a friend who lost contact.

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Answer by Taiwanese Girl
There are a group of websites, links, etc. associated with this URL —

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Where to study mandarin in taiwan?

well bad luck for me ’cause again…im late for the registration in mtc of national taiwan normal university for this fall quarter so….just want to know where else can i apply to study (a good location just in taipei and the place i can meet lot of friends?? THIS SEPTEMBER…..thanks…..
Taiwan is the best place in the world to learn Mandarin Chinese!

Study Mandarin in great Taipei:

A)National Taiwan Normal Universty,
but you said you were late for registration.
It’s in town.

B)National Chengchi University
It’s not in downtown Taipei but not far to town, it takes about 30 minutes to town by bus or can take bus to nearest MRT STN. ( Taipei metro ) ride it to town.

C)National Taiwan University…
It’s in town.

D)TamKang University, downtown campus classes…
It’s in town.

E)Chinese Culture University
It’s in town.

F)Ming Chuan University…
MRT station is near it and not far to town by bus or MRT.

G)Fu Jen Catholic University
Not in downtown Taipei, it’s in suburb Taipei (Taipei county).
It’s takes about 50 minutes to town by bus.

H) Taipei Language Institute:
It’s in town.

See their schedule or ask them detail.
The school number B&G are not in town. Others are in town and are near. Number “H” isn’t a university.

transportation from taipei other places?

Question by hy: transportation from taipei other places?
Hello, I am visiting TW for 6 days.
I will spend the first 3 days in Taipei and then go to Sun Moon Lake (and Ali Mounntain if I still have time).
Here’ s my question: how do I get there? I guess I will take a train. Which one should I take? How much (estimate) will it cost me? Is it a few hours’ trip? Do I have to go to TaiChung first, and then transfer to Sun Moon Lake? I can’t find anything interesting in TaiChung. Is it feasible to spend 1.5 day visiting Sun Moon Lake and another 1.5 day visiting Ali Mountain?
Yes, I know what to do in Taipei. CKS Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Shilin Night Market, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,Rao He Street Night Market,
Taipei 101.
BTW, is it expensive to have a lunch or dinner in Taipei 101?
Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Ajeet M

Lunch at 101-It depends whether you want to go to one of the restaurants or the excellent food court in the basement.
It is not over priced as there is a lot of competiton nearby in the Xinyi District.

To SML from Taipei: Take the Bus, It not bad and the bus is really comfortable:,
Greenbus has hourly departures. Taipei-SML round-trip costs TWD830.

If you dont have a place to stay at SML: Laurel Villa is highly recommended by forumers:

From SML, you have to get to Puli, then Puli to Taichung, then Taichung to Chiayi, Then Train or bus it up to Alishan.

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What is the weather and season in taiwan like in july?

Question by ndria_oreo: What is the weather and season in taiwan like in july?
i am travelling to taiwan for the 1st time so i want to know what is the season and weather in there like around july. pls provide me some information.

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Answer by D.R
Temp – can be anything from 26 – 32 during the days and 24 – 30 during the nights.

Humidity – high, as always!

Rain – You will have missed the rainy season, but in Taiwan the weather is pretty random. You don’t need to pack water-proofs as you can buy an inexpensive poncho in any 7-11/ family store/ OK store… (don’t worry, you’ll find these stores on every street corner – open 24 hours!).

Nat disasters – during the summer Taiwan is prone to the odd Taiphoon, but they’re ‘not usually’ all that big of a deal. Taiwan does suffer from earthquakes and they can occur all year around.

Mosquitos will be a problem so make sure you keep your accommodation windows shut, avoid wearing black (mosquitos are attracted to balck). Be prepared to see cockroaches on the streets at night.

Have a wonderful time – Taiwan is a wonderful place – check out my 360 blog to see some photos of places to visit in Taiwan!

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How much does a laptop cost in Taiwan?

Question by real_answers: How much does a laptop cost in Taiwan?
I’d like to buy a basic laptop, nothing too fancy, just your average laptop. How much do they run in Taiwan? Thanks!

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Answer by Bichon Ben
The cheapest :Asus Eee PC about NT.10000~20000

from NT 20000~40000,you can buy better laptop ASUS ACER HP…

NT 40000~70000,you can buy top quality laptop Sony Vaio,Mac….

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Going to university in Taiwan. I have a few questions.?

Question by angelmae3995: Going to university in Taiwan. I have a few questions.?
Hello ^.^
This fall I am going to Kaohsiung to attend a university. (I will not say the name of the school, I feel that is not safe so do not ask) I know it is a good school though.
what I would like to know is:
~What kind of plug adapter will I need for my laptop.
~How safe is Kaohsiung at night.
~What areas should I avoid.
~How is the public transportation Network
~What items should I bring
~How hard are university classes in Taiwan
~How much can I earn tutoring English/French/Spanish
~How friendly or racist are the people in Kaohsiung
~What should I visit, Besides Love River and Dream Mall when I am in Kaohsiung?

Yeah it’s quite a few, but I am going to be in Kaohsiung for anywhere from 2-4 years so…..
Thank you guys so far! I would really like some more opinions too so please keep posting.
Thanks, classy! I will get a surge protector!

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Answer by matt_of_asia
Ok, check out
to get an idea of what living in taiwan is like and positions/jobs available and the rates.

Then check out
To get an idea of what living in Southern Taiwan is like and the places to see/go/do in the south.

Check out
to speak with other forum members and get questions answered.

If you are from N. America no adapter will be needed most likely for your notebook computer. If your laptops plug has 3 prongs you may need a small, cheap adapter to get it to plug into the common 2 prong plug ins here. The voltage is the same.

Kaosiung is safe at night. It has an MRT (subway) system now, so I would imagine transportation there is an improvement on Taichung’s.

From what I hear university is easy in Taiwan.

You can earn 700NT and up per hour tutoring.

People are positively racist towards whites. Somewhat negatively racist towards other Asians but not to their face. Neutral towards blacks and friendly to their face. Everyone is generally friendly.

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Am I Moving to Taiwan…….?

Question by CrAig: Am I Moving to Taiwan…….?
Moving to Kaohsiung, hopefully, quite soon ….any thoughts or advice?
Not going to teach…have International Bar mans Certificate so looking for any bar tending advice as well. thanks
Well Im not too sure if that’s going to be a problem, I am moving in with my Dad who has an ARC so am sure I could retain an ARC through his sponsorship?

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Answer by We Never Left!!
It’s a little hard to obtain an ARC (via work permit) for being a bartender. How do you plan to swing that one?

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Where can I buy Taiwan beer either online or in a store in the US?

Question by Ginny W: Where can I buy Taiwan beer either online or in a store in the US?
I recently visited Taiwan and now really want some Taiwan beer and have no idea where to find it.

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Answer by Jen22
try finding your local beer distributors, you know the people who stock the stores and sell to restarunts. See if they can get it for you.

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